22 febbraio 2011

Fast combat rules

There are some situations in which the adventurers may be forced to engage in combat with a considerable amount of weaker enemies, whose STAMINA score is 4 or less, and whose SKILL score is no more than 5.

In such situations the Storyteller may use the following special rule to speed up the combat phase, without forcing the PCs to tediously roll dice to deal a small amount of damage each turn. However, the Storyteller is warned: this rule is a lethal one! And it may end with the premature death of particularly unlucky characters.

When determining the damage dealt by, or to, the adventurer, the Storyteller adds to the damage resulting from the Damage Table usual roll an extra amount of STAMINA loss resulting from the difference between the Attack Strengths of the combatants.

On the contrary, if you wish your one-against-many combats to be more difficult you should apply the following rule.

Inflict a -1 Attack Strength penalty to the lone combatant for each adversary he’s facing other than the ones he can’t respond to regarding his Attacks score. Thus, a PC with 1 Attack who is fighting against three enemies, will have an Attack Strength penalty of -2 in all the Attack Rounds, only -1 if he’s an Attacks score of 2.

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