22 febbraio 2011

Werewolf setting

The Storyteller and his fellow players may want to play a Werewolf setting, with the PCs afflicted by the curse (or blessing, depending on the general flavour of the campaign) of lycanthropy. If such is the case, a CHANGE score should be added (it may replace MAGIC) to the Adventure Sheet. The change score varies from 3 to 12 and its starting value is 7. Every time the PC wants to change in Werewolf form, or he’s forced to do so by various means, such as the phases of the moon, he must roll two dice against his CHANGE score.

If the result is less than his CHANGE score, the transformation occurs and the PC has to add 1 point to his CHANGE score up to the maximum of 12. If the result is equal or more than the CHANGE score, he’s unable to transform for the remainder of the scene, and must deduct 1 from his CHANGE, down to the minimum of 3.

An adventurer in Werewolf form possesses supernatural speed and strength, he is capable of feats of great agility and displays special predatory skills, such as extremely keen senses. He adds 2 points to his Initial SKILL and 4 to his Initial STAMINA; these extra points are lost when the adventurer reverts back to human form.

In Werewolf form the PC is, however, particularly vulnerable to silver weapons, which causes him +2 Damage whenever he’s hit by them. Finally, a PC who is transformed in a Werewolf fights unarmed with his sharp claws and fangs, thus inflicting the following damage.

1 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 3 - 4

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