13 febbraio 2011

The Vampire setting

A creative Storyteller may use the Fighting Fantasy rules to run a Vampire campaign, whether modelled on the World of Darkness or on another setting of your choice and creation.

First, you have to replace the MAGIC score with the BLOOD one. To determine your BLOOD score, roll two dice and add 12; as usual the result indicates your Initial BLOOD score which can’t be exceeded.

Powers of the Blood: BLOOD can be used to heal from STAMINA losses, as there’s no natural healing for Vampires. For each BLOOD point spent the PC regains 1 STAMINA. BLOOD points must be spent every time the PC uses a Discipline (see below), each of which costs 2 BLOOD. Finally, every new night the Vampire awakens he must deduct 1 BLOOD point. BLOOD points are regained by drinking human blood. A Vampire may drink from a healthy victim, without really hurting her, up to 3 BLOOD. Otherwise, the Vampire may drink dry a victim, which will surely die, taking from her 6 BLOOD points.

Frenzy check: when facing the sight of bloodshed or fire, or in particularly stressing situations, the Storyteller may want the Vampire to pass a Frenzy Check. That can be done rolling four dice. If the number rolled is less than or equal to PC’s current BLOOD score, he has succeeded in his test and the result will go in his favour. If the number rolled is higher than his current BLOOD score, he has failed the test and will have to suffer the consequences. A frenzied Vampire attacks any living being in the proximity, including his companions, with relentless fury and with a +1 on his Attack Strength and Attacks. The frenzy lasts for the Standard Duration. In some special occasions the Storyteller may state that the Vampire has fled in unspeakable terror instead. Due to his natural vocation for ferocity and combat, a Vampire does not suffer the -3 penalty on his Attack Strength when fighting unarmed.

Disciplines description: there are eight Disciplines - Animality, Clarity, Domination, Shadowing, Shapeshifting, Strength, Resilience and Velocity - from which the player must choose three and whose explanation is given below. Some Disciplines are marked with an asterisk ‘*’. To successfully use such Disciplines, the character must Test his Skill.

Animality*: allows empathy with and power over the animal world. It allows to dominate animals. It lasts for the Standard Duration.

Clarity*: this Discipline regards extrasensory awareness, empathy and perception. It allows to expand the Vampire’s five senses and to read auras of people and objects.

Domination*: this Discipline reflects the mystical ability of Vampires to influence the minds and command the actions of others. Standard Duration.

Shadowing: Vampires with this Discipline excel at hiding among and away from crowds, although they can’t disappear in front of witnesses. It does not actually render the PC invisible, but Vampires employing it simply can't be seen. However, surveillance devices still track the character normally. Standard Duration.

Shapeshifting*: this Discipline allows a Vampire to transform either his entire body or a part of his body into something inhuman. The vampire can thus grow claws (inflicting the same damage as a sword with his bare hands!), turn into a bat or a wolf, meld into the earth or transform into mist. Standard Duration.

Strength: this Discipline defines the superior potence that Vampires possess. It adds +3 on the Damage Table for one combat or allows feats of preternatural strength and longer jumps for the Standard Duration.

Resilience: describes a type of supernatural toughness which allows Vampires advantages in resisting the harm. It reduces by 2 every STAMINA loss for one combat or for the Standard Duration.

Velocity: the superior quickness of Vampires. Grants +2 SKILL or +3 Attacks - player’s choice - for one combat.

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