12 marzo 2011


The Fighting Fantasy system presumes your adventuring party to be membered by seasoned warriors and mages, each with his full share of past experience. However, especially when long adventuring, some players may find themselves a bit frustrated by the sheer fact that their characters are not destined to improve their Statistics nor their Feats, if not by magical or exceptional means.

If such is the case, the Storyteller may choose to award the adventurers at the end of a scenario 1 to 3 Experience points in order to reward the adventurers for their efforts and good role play.

One Experience point should be awarded automatically at the end of each adventure, while two or three points should be awarded only to the characters whose role play really stood out.

Experience points are spent by the players to increase Statistics and/or to acquire new Feats for the character. The exact amount of Experience points which must be spent to increase Statistics by 1 point or to acquire a new Feat is as follows.


The Experience points cost to learn new spells is the same as the amount of MAGIC points which are necessary to cast them. While the Experience points cost in order to acquire new Talent is given in the Talent’s description itself.

If in your own campaign you have replaced the MAGIC Statistic with others, such as FEAR, BLOOD, FORCE, WILLPOWER etc., it’s up to the Storyteller, accordingly with his players’ thoughts on the matter, to exactly work out the right Experience cost which is necessary to increase them.

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