19 febbraio 2016

The Gates of Hellwinter Revised

The Gates of Hellwinter was the first adventure scenario I wrote for the Fighting Fantasy Role-Playing Game back in 2010. Since then, for some strange reason, I had the opportunity to story-tell it over and over again to various groups of role-players, more than any other adventure I ever wrote.

In its original form, this scenario was meant for the basic Fighting Fantasy RPG, only slightly modified by some house rules of my own. But now, thanks to the interest of Stuart Lloyd (a fellow devourer of Role-Playing Games and Game-Books) it has been revised for the Advanced Fighting Fantasy RPG 2nd Edition ruleset, and revamped to the actual version which, I hope, stands as a decent fantasy module that will grant some merry hour of good gaming.

If you want to share any thought about this scenario, please feel free to leave a comment.

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